It all started January 2020.

Alega replied to a post, producer FlackAX shared on Facebook  looking for someone to collaborate with. The project was never planned. It developed naturally, without any pressure. We still are going to produce and write for other artists. Right now  we enjoy working together and helping each other develop as songwriters and producers., says Alega. The collaboration has been very productive as they both have around 20 songs ready to be released. 


In July 2020 Alega and FlackAX released their first collaborative single "Divina Requiem". This is  also the first song from their first upcoming album "Initium novum", translated from latin to "New beginning" The idea behind the album is that blending classical music with electronic music genres is interesting and exiting. Someone will like it and someone will not. It´s important to remain genuine and create music that reflects on what gives musical fulfillment. 


Besides "Initium novum" Alega&FlackAX are working on  upcoming releases with other guest singers. Next song in line to be released is "You can leave my head now", which will feature the Swedish singer/songwriter Malin Simon. The song is in the genre of electro synth pop dance, and it's about to be released in November 2020.

You can leave your head now.jpeg



FlackAX began his career as a producer/songwriter in 2016.

Studiet music production at Noroff school of performing arts.In the periode 2016 to 2017 FlackAX was a part of a project called SIMA.

They released the singles "Throw your hand up" and "Feel the beat".

In 2020 FlackAX joint Alega in a project "VIMMXX"

In June 2020 he released a single "We are young" in collaboration with producer Even von Porat Fiane.
In July 2020 he released the first single from the project "VIMMXX" Divina Requiem".

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