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B E F O R E  A L E G A
it was AGATE.

Norwegian progressive rock/metal band in which Mira Birkelid was songwriter, producer, lead singer and keyboard player.

The music was a blend of progressive rock/metal with elements of celtic folk music, classical music, and far east sound.

The band released two albums, Noble truth (2007) and Black soul (2010).

After several lineup changes and some growing internal strife, the band split shortly after the release of Black soul, April 2010.

A F T E R  T H E  A G A T E

After AGATE splits,
Mira put her music career on hold.

In 2017 she decided to start again as a producer and songwriter under the name ALEGA, which is shortened for AL(fa)(om)EGA.

From here is the infinity sign as the symbol she uses.

"I believe that everything in life is in cycles, like the infinity sign.You cannot force things that are not meant to come in your way"

For the moment Alega is focused on working with different producers and artists in the genre of synth and electro pop, dance music and EDM with elements of classical music, and some ambient and ethereal sounds.