B E F O R E  A L E G A
it was AGATE.
Progressive rock/metal band in which Mira Birkelid was songwriter, producer, lead singer and keyboard player.

The music was a blend of progressive rock/metal with a elements of celtic folk music, classical music, and far east sound.

The band released two albums, Noble truth (2007) and Black soul (2010).
After several lineup change and some growing internal strife, the band split shortly after the release of Black soul.

A F T E R  T H E  A G A T E

band split,
Mira put her music career on hold.


In 2017 she decided to start again but this time as ALEGA, as a producer and songwriter.


The music was changed from progressive rock/metal to electronic, trap hop, dance.Still the music will have elements of classical music, ambient and etheral sounds.


In 2020 ALEGA was given the chance to sign a distribution deal with Bentley records. For the moment Alega is colaborating with different singers on songs that are about to be released in the nearest future.


Alega is also working on a sideproject with another producer/songwriter FlackAX. For the moment they are working on an upcoming album called «Initium Novum» where classical music trained singer Signe Bødtker will have the lead vocal. The first song from the album was the first release. The music is a blend betweeN electronic and classical music, with the touch of ambient and ethereal sound.